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About Us

The name and decorum of EDU-CARE was brought to light to serve the society in 6th December, 1997.

EDU-CARE has tried to penetrate the student’s psyche and get at the root of the problem faced by them from time to time. In fact EDU-CARE values in the ethics of perfect education. It is not just the amount of information that is put into a child’s brain and firmly believes in the conviction of Swami Vivekananda who said “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”. The prestigious institution has been trying to guide the students of school and college standards on the basis of time saving teaching techniques. It cannot be denied that EDU-CARE has better accommodation for students under upgraded sitting plan in a congenial and friendly studying atmosphere. We are living in a world where competition is a byword. It is a world where firm belief or opinion and self-confidence makes all the difference between the winner and the loser.

Over the years it is proved that EDU-CARE is simply beyond a TUTORIAL HOME where its all honest attempts are in the formation of character, expansion of intellect and development of a positive view of life of the individuals. There is no doubt about its endeavour in making the students learn about the significance of learning through innovative pedagogy. Its unique way of teaching leaves a lasting impression on a student’s mind and prepares him to face the world with analytical skills and confidence throughout his higher academic career. It is not a temporary solution but an emotion a student carries forward throughout his life time. EDU-CARE believes in three S3 which means SKILLFUL, SPONTANEOUS AND SPIRITED individuals.


Enjoy Learning

Learning helps in becoming more efficient and attains great positions. Greater learning can provide you with deeper knowledge of a subject. Remember, winners don’t do anything different; they just do the same things differently.

Learning is never complete unless we have both experience and education. A lack of either can impair the use of other. We learn right and a duty of a citizen through education in schools, but good morals comes from the family and good behavior from company through experience. Unless we have all of these, we cannot become better individuals.


Follow the rule below for studies


CConcentrate on the topics
RRead thoroughly
UUnderstand & Feel
MMemorise Skillfully
EEasy to recall
PPrompt to express